Keeley is a Fine Art Photographer and Educator based in Blackpool in the North West of England. She is currently studying her PhD at School of Digital Arts (SODA) at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Keeley’s personal work challenges her own experience to adulthood; which is explored through various adaptations of female characters, that provoke narratives surrounding the history/culture of how women have been represented in the media. 

Her love for her home-town echoes through the play on adolescence seen throughout her work. From Alice to Lolita, a play on the simulation that faces women and girls on the day by day of life is something Keeley advocates for. She is a huge supporter of women in photography and equal rights within the sector. She also believes that all students should be given the same opportunities regardless of background.  

Keeley graduated from her BA in Photography at Blackpool & The Fylde College in 2016 whereafter she completed her MA in Photography at Manchester School of Art in 2018. Keeley has been teaching since early 2017 and completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in 2020. 

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June 2016 - Unfold, Old Granada Studios, Manchester 

​July 2016 - Incandescent16, Hoxton Arches, London 

​Sept 2016 - Roots & Wings, House of Blah Blah, Middleborough 

​Dec 2016 - Group Show, Shoreditch, London 

​Feb 2017 - Disparity Collective, Constellations, Liverpool 

​Mar 2018 - Disparity Collective, The Tapestry, Liverpool 

​July 2018 - Liverpool Biennial Fringe, “Vegas of the North”, Liverpool 

​Sept 2018 - MA Show, Manchester School of Art, Manchester 

​Dec 2018 - Art B&B Associate Artist Showcase, Abingdon Studios, Blackpool 

​Apr 2019 - RPS: Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities Part 1 – Photo London 

​Jun 2019 - RPS: Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities Part 2 – KCAW London 

​Aug 2019 - RPS: Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities Part 3 – Blackpool 

​Sept 2019 - Art B&B – In Situ Installation of 2x A0 light-boxes - ‘Vegas of the North’  

​Nov 2019 - RPS: Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities Part 4 – Doncaster​ 

Sept 2020 - Association of Photographers (AOP) - f22 Spotlight Focus - The Space Between


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2016 - Splash & Grab, (online) 

2016 - Inconnu Magazine, Style of a Certain Age (online)  

2016 - 62nd Floor Analogue Magazine, Lo-Lee-Tah (print) 

2016 - Gebruder Grimm, Self published Zine (print) 

2016 - Incandecent16, Collective Publication (print) 

2016 - British Journal of Photography – ‘On the cusp of when a girl is available’ (online) 

2017 - Photograd - Graduate Profile (online)

2017 - Limited Edition, DRECK magazine, LUST issue (print) 

2017 - Science and Media Museum - Guest Blog 'Pictures and Conversations' (Online)

2017 - Ostentatious, Self Published Zine (print) 

2018 - Grunge’n’Art, The Vegas of the North, (online) 

2018 - Typical Girls, The Vegas of the North (print) 

2019 - Format ‘Terms & Conditions’– (online & print) 

2019 - Format ‘Terms & Conditions’– VOGUE (online)  

2019 - Format ‘Terms & Conditions’– i-D (online) 

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