Keeley Bentley


Keeley is a Fine Art Photographer & Lecturer based in the North West of England.

Keeley’s work challenges her personal transition to adulthood. She plays upon the liminal zone to which we are both mature and innocent. She invites the viewer to see things differently especially through her images of young women that are fed unconsciously through the media. 

Looking at the scope of teenage adolescence through Hollywood Cinema, Fashion Photography and Fine Art, all of which have had an equal part of Bentley's own life and upbringing. She is able to present to the viewer a new insight into the tribulations that are caused by the unreality of adolescence fed through the media. The girls that feature in her practice are insignias of those very problems that Bentley has fallen victim too herself within her youth.    

Keeley currently teaches Photography at Blackpool & the Fylde College, whilst studying an MA in Photography at Manchester School of Art.

“That fine line between being a child myself, and being an adult, is one I’ve really struggled to grasp. I think mentally I will always want to be young."


British Journal of Photography, DRECK magazine, 62nd Floor Analogue Zine, TRIP mag, Shoot Film UK & Inconnu.

Keeley is often invited to talk about her work and has given talks at Redeye Photographic Network, Manchester and Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool to name a few. Please contact her for more information. 

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