Keeley Bentley


Keeley is a Fine Art photographer based in the North West of England.

In Keeley’s pursuit of the perfect picture no demand appears too unreasonable, her outlandish style selects the romantic notions of classic novels giving them a fresh and postmodern twist.From Alice to Lolita, Blackpool to Bavaria, she defines her photographic practice as a lucid dream, which sits on the cusp of reality and fantasy of times gone by. 

The elements of her fathers love for painting inspired her from when she was young, walking around galleries as a child has inspired her to create a practice that is inspired by childhood memories.

For Keeley the transition to adulthood, which she still feels she is completing aged twenty-seven, is something that has interfered with life and so challenges this frequently within her practice. That liminal zone to which we are both mature and innocent is one that Keeley plays on within her practice and hopes that the viewer plays on it alongside her.

Keeley has recently started studying her Masters at Manchester School of Art which co-insides with her Lecturing and raising an army of cats. 


British Journal of Photography, DRECK magazine, 62nd Floor Analogue Zine, TRIP mag, Shoot Film UK & Inconnu.

Keeley is often invited to talk about her work and has given talks at Redeye Photographic Network, Manchester and Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool to name a few. Please contact her for more information. 

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